Dr.Dumayne is fantastic, he's helped me recover from a painful accident injury that my other doctors said couldn't be treated unless I wanted a dangerous surgery option. He and his staff are great and I highly recommend them!

Joel Casey

My daughter Hannah was promoted to pointe shoes in her ballet class.After she went up on toe her back hurt very bad.Her teacher noticed her hips were not level and told her that she would be in more pain if she didn’t do something about it.I brought her to Dumayne Chiropractic and after a few weeks of treatment her back felt much better and her hips were much more level.With maintenance treatments she is feeling good and dancing beautifully.

Natalie Sasser 2/2/2013

Dr. Dumayne has been such a Blessing to me and my family, even my grandchildren have benefitted from his expertise.Dr. Dumayne is very patient and kind and will work to help relieve pain and problems.It is always a nice thing to know that he will work you in and not make you wait if something is bothering you.Tracy, his receptionist, is always bright and cheerful and a pleasure to deal with.I recommend Dr. Dumayne’s office to anyone- there are so many problems he can help with.

Debbie Murray, February 13, 2013

This is my second series of treatments at Dumayne Chiropractic and I have been well pleased with the services received there.They have helped a lot- first time with treatments with my leg, and now for my arthritic neck.The doctor and the receptionist are very friendly and helpful!

Mary. B. Whitten 1/30/13

Dr. Dumayne and Tracy make me feel like they really care about me.He always agrees to see me, even without an appointment.You aren’t a number at Dumayne Chiropractic, you are a friend.

Mollie W. Blum 2/1/2013

This is a testimonial for the individual that I believe to be the best Chiropractic physician in the state of North Carolina.He and his staff are at the top of their profession.

I came to Dr. Dumayne in November of 2010 with extreme low back pain.Visits to pain management physicians and neurosurgeons had resulted in steroid injections in the back and diagnosis for lower back fusion.The neurosurgeon had gone so far as to recommending that an apparatus would be placed in my vertebrae.Naturally, I was quite concerned.

A second opinion resulted in a recommendation that I first visit either a lower back rehab specialist or a chiropractor.I found Dr. Dumayne on the internet and made my first appointment.For 2 years and 2 months now he has worked diligently on the many chronic pains in my body.He has taught me much about how to take better care of myself.Never have I met a physician that is so invested in the care of his patients.He is a very caring and concerned person.His skill level is far greater then that of a general chiropractor.

I recommend Dr. Dumayne to anyone I meet who has issues that I believe he could treat and will continue under his care until he runs me off.

William Black

I like Dr. Dumayne because he knows his stuff. He knows when to be gentle and when and where to apply the pressure. I especially like the exercises he gives because they are doable during my daily workout routine and they really work!

D. Griffin

I initially came to Dr. Dumayne primarily because of headaches and back pain, but have been very pleased with the holistic approach he has taken. He has looked into a number of different factors and areas of my body as possible causes of my symptoms He's the first doctor I've bee to that has been interested in treating the root cause instead of just the symptoms.

I first came to Dr. Dumayne in December of 2005. I fell on some icy steps and was in severe pain. I couldn't even turn my head. Standing and sitting was extremely painful. Dr. Dumayne began treatment immediately. He was very gentle. I felt results immediately. I have been to a chiropractor before, Dr. Dumayne is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. I feel great and it's all due to his treatment. Dr. Dumayne is wonderful. His staff is very friendly and make you feel at home, they're incredible. I've recommended Dr. Dumayne to my family, friends and co-workers.


o tell the truth, I was one of those chiropractic skeptics a few years ago. I lived dealing with neck and back pain. When I couldn't handle it, I went to the doctor. When he couldn't come up with a good reason for my pain he prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers. One day I decided I had enough and would give this chiropractic thing a try. After all, what did I have to loose? I called Dr. Dumayne's office and scheduled an appointment. I could immediately tell a difference in my neck and back pain and I threw the meds out! A couple of time I have had flare ups that cause so much pain in my lower back and hip that it hurt to walk. I called Dr. Dumayne and after a few visits, I felt great. Now I have a standing appointment every two weeks to keep myself aligned and work out my kinks that I create for myself. I feel like a million bucks each time I walk out the door thanks to Dr. Dumayne and his great staff. Calling his office was one of the best decisions I made for my health.

I have been going to Dr. Neal Dumayne the chiropractic for several years. My husband was in bad health all of 2005. If it had not been for the help of Dr. Dumayne, I could not have taken care of my husband at home. He required a lot of lifting and pulling I had lots of trouble with the back, shoulders, ad neck he kept me going. My husband passed away January 30th 2006, I am still going for adjustments, but am in a lot better shape now. I highly recommend to anyone in a lot of pain to go see Dr. Neal Dumayne.

Dr. Dumayne is by far the best Chiropractor I know. I started going to his office about a year and a half ago.Was having trouble lifting and straightening my left arm and had a lot of upper back and neck pain. After X-rays, he informed me I had whiplash sometime from my past. I had been in a car wreck ten years ago and no one ever mentioned whiplash. My posture and movements unknowingly compensated. My job was also aggravating key muscles as well. Dr. Dumayne explained how my neck was approaching the arthritic stage. We immediately talked about and agreed on a plan for my recovery. He began treating me about three times a week. I endured his warm hands maneuvering my arm and neck very gently and precisely with enough aggression and finesse that I felt relief with in weeks. Then, I was introduced to traction. A bit skeptical, but willing to believe in this Doctor who has always been genuine, informative and goes the extra mile to make sure I am happy. I endured the awkwardness and after a few weeks realized how much it was helping. My neck was getting stronger. We x-rayed again. My neck was improving. I do continue to go as often as I can and always find relief, not a prescription cover-up. Dr. Dumayne and his staff are especially attentive and accommodating to client needs. I also found relief from sinus infections. They told me about the Sinu Cleanse and I gave it a try. I keep my sinuses clean at home and my two or three times a year infections are gone.

Thanks for everything!

Karen S.

During the month of December in 2003 my son, daughter-in-law and I were in Durham, NC shopping for Christmas. I suddenly moved the wrong way and began to feel pain in my back. Immediately I went to the car because I was in so much pain that my back wasn't comfortable. When arriving home, I decided to take Aleve thinking by morning the pain would have subsided. Over in the early part of the morning I was awakened with severe pain and was unable to fall back asleep. I was unable to go to work the next morning, but I was blessed because it was the last day before the Christmas break. When returning to school after my break, I was sitting in class getting ready to use the newspaper and much to my surprise an article flashed before my eyes. It was an article about Dr. Dumayne, the chiropractor. While reading his testimony, it was very interesting so I continued to read. It really stuck with me at the time, but I did nothing. I continued to hurt much worse until one day I came across the article again in the newspaper. I said to myself, "God, are you trying to tell me something"? I went to the phone and called my sister to tell her what happened. Of course she had seen the same article and had planned to tell me about it when I got home from work. After months of procrastinating I decided to call Dr. Dumayne's office to make an appointment. His receptionist gave me an appointment the same day. As time went by with my treatment and continuous prayer, I began to move around feeling normal again. I thank God for Dr. Dumayne and his staff. At anytime I enter his office, even if I feel good or bad, the smiling faces of his staff will make anyone feel better. I call Dr. Dumayne "The little Man with the strong power".He is very caring and very patient with his patients. He is willing to talk to you about your condition and lead you in the right direction. In 2007, I injured my back again. Right back to Dr. Dumayne's office I went. As of now, I am under his care. I must say he has worked wonders on me and I am so grateful to have met a doctor like him. Dr. Dumayne, I thank God for you! I am still getting better.

Sincerely Doris Lloyd

I have worked in a shop next door to Dr. Dumayne for about 6 months. About 2 weeks ago, after having suffered with severe neck and shoulder pain since Valentines Day, I walked next door and asked about the pillows that Dumayne Chiropractic sells. One of my customers had come into the shop with one and she said that she had gotten it from Dr. Dumayne for neck pain. Dr. Dumayne's staff showed me the pillows and I was ready to buy one on the spot. Tonya told me to wait about 5 minutes and she would ask the doctor which one he would recommend. Without a hesitation, Dr. Dumayne took me into one of the exam rooms and examined my neck and shoulders and told me that the pillow that I wanted, and was ready to buy would not helped me. After that, I was so impressed that I made an appointment for the next day. Dr. Dumayne took x-rays and could immediately tell me what the problem was and how he could help me. 5 years ago I had surgery on my lower back for a ruptured disc. I swore that I would never have any kind of back surgery again. I have been every day since then and I am getting more relief and seeing results already. In addition, when Dr. Dumayne discovered that I have Menier's Disease he is very hopeful that with my neck treatment that the frequency and symptoms will be less and less. That in itself will be worth going to see him every day if I need to.

I am so impressed with Dr. Dumayne and his wonderful staff that I have, and will continue to recommend him to everyone who suffers from any kind of pains.


Teresa S.

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